Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Gasp of Summer

The heat wave has had us gasping for relief for six weeks. So, we headed for the mall and yearned for autumn. Back to school shopping was minimal: new boots for me(no, I'm not going back to school, they were on sale and irresistible), shoes and socks for the boys and a backpack for Logan. Slow to accept change of any kind, Ben is content with his familiar old back pack. He only tolerated new shoes because little was left of the old ones and a nail was poking the bottom of his foot, making marching uncomfortable. School starts this week, along with football and band practice.
The band is proud of their new trailer for hauling equipment -- the white monster on the right is the new one, while the old one sits on the left, looking very small by comparison. They have a driver to pull it to all their functions, so they should be the grandest band in the land, or at least in the parking lot.

We celebrated the last weekend of summer vacation by taking in Holly's new show in Branson. She now appears in " '50's at the Hop" at a new venue with a dinner show. So, with German foreign exchange student, Lars, and his host parents, Amanda and Ash, Ben, Logan, and I, were entertained by Holly and her troop after enjoying our dinner. And she still cuts our hair! What a gal!!!

The show rewarded the boys for their labor earlier in the day. Here they unload Jerry and Krista's washer curbside at their new house. I should have posted a picture of the house, it's real cute and they worked very hard without air conditioning to fix it up. Krista will host their first family event for Grandpa Steve's birthday at the end of the month.

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