Saturday, July 11, 2009

Veggie Pigout

Swiss Chard, mushrooms, scallions, and yellow onion wilt in olive oil infused with basil and garlic.
I added these to eggs, milk and grated cheese and baked a frittata which I've been eating ever since!

Today there is just one small portion left.
Lunch of leftover frittata and Kohlrabi slaw with broccoli and zucchini

Dinner of Copper River Salmon, corn on the cob and grilled zucchini with yellow crookneck squash. The wine (Sockeye Pinot Noir) is from Chile, but the label said it was intended for Pacific Northwest cuisine, especially salmon. And it was good!

Ingredients for Creamy tomato basil penne pasta (including leftover salmon).

Pasta with leftover squash.

Chicken with mushrooms, rosemary/garlic roasted potatoes and the last of the squash. By the way, I use small plates, actually salad plates, that's why they look so full! The sauce on this chicken is so delicious, I'm going to make some rice tomorrow to soak up the leftover.
Cinder begging

The vegetables are all gone. Tomorrow I'll make blueberry muffins and finish the leftovers. Monday I'll be reduced to frozen meals. I intended to avoid the grocery store this week and I nearly made it. I bought Copper River salmon and mushrooms. All else was either from my kitchen or the CSA vegetable share. Let me know if you want any of the recipes.


  1. Wow. I wish that we could manage that. I think that come financial aid time, we will be setting some money aside for joining the Silverbrook CSA. The only concern I have is that the sheer amount of food will be impossible to consume, so we need to find another family to buy in with because they don't offer half shares like the other local CSA.

  2. I made a yummy chocolate cake with zucchini from my garden, non fat yogurt, goats milk and of course my fresh eggs.
    Logan LOVED it! (I didn't tell him it was good for him!)

  3. Wow, You're good, but I just ate about three pieces of "anonymous'" chocolate cake, and I think you have some competition in California!
    I didn't tell Cameron about the zucchini, either, so when he asks what the green stuff is, I'm going to tell him about the brownies I used to eat...
    Just kidding!