Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Challenge

While the boys are in California, I've vowed to do no food shopping. I'm eating out of the cupboard, refrigerator, freezer, and our weekly allotment of produce and eggs from our CSA. Each week's offering is intended to feed a family of four, but I figure, veggies are virtually free, weight-watcher points wise, so it can't hurt to quadruple up.

The next delivery of veggies is on Tuesday; I'll post a photo of that market basket and let you know how I consume it. All I have left of last week's veggies is enough greens for one salad, a few radishes and one kohlrabi bulb. Kohlrabi smells just like cabbage, so I've decided to grate it and make it into a slaw tomorrow. The radishes will be divided between the slaw and the last green salad.

I consider freezing to be fair use of the bounty. This week, I froze green beans and raspberries, while last week I froze blueberries and green beans. I used all the frozen raspberries and some of the blueberries as well as some of last year's raspberry and blueberry jam for a Trifle I took to the Maples 4th of July party yesterday.(wish I'd taken a picture of the Trifle). I also took a Borscht made of half a dozen beets, cucumbers, and topped with dill-infused sour cream (should have taken a photo of that, too, the color of beets is wonderful!). It scared lots of people, but all who tasted it thought it good. Funny how many people are frightened by beets. My boys, who don't eat much besides mac and cheese or spaghetti and meatballs, will eat beets without a fuss (not heaping gobs of them, but a decent serving -- I've never heard them say "more beets, please!).

Tune in on Tuesday for the market basket challenge, and menu plans.

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  1. I don't remember ever asking for more beets either. I do, however, remember swallowing the slices whole to avoid having to taste them. I guess that's just me.