Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Fare

Yesterday the Missouri branch of the family gathered at our house to celebrate some of the summer birthdays. Krista's was one of the birthdays; the first we've been able to celebrate since they moved here from Des Moines. I made a birthday cake for her -- a "from scratch" German's Sweet Chocolate cake -- you know the one with three layers. Only I put two layers in the oven and one on the floor. Two layers were enough. The rest of the meal included flank steak teriyaki, poached Copper River salmon, various fresh summer veggies, fruit salads, pie and cake.

Because of all the leftovers, I was able to offer Uncle Bill a glorious supper when he popped back into town around 8 P.M., this time headed west. He's going to stay with us a couple of nights this time.
The Chain Saw has struck again. Cinder got ahold of my one remaining unchewed left shoe yesterday. Please tell me why he only chews left shoes. And when, pray God, is he going to outgrow this?

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  1. Thanks for the yummy lunch and the two-layer German chocolate cake. It was delish. Sorry about your shoe - those are really cute shoes!!! Does she only chew the cute left ones?