Wednesday, July 1, 2009

California, Here They Come

It was a tough choice -- photo or hug. They were on their way into the jetway and I had to choose; the camera was in my hand, so a hug would have been awkward. I'll get two from each boy when they get home. They are old enough to fly on their own -- no longer unaccompanied minors. And I wasn't even very nervous about it -- they are experienced travelers and handle themselves well. Still, it was good to hear they had safely arrived.

The plane is pushed back onto the tarmac after swallowing my boys.

In the airport an old lady stopped Ben to tell him how gorgeous his hair is. This happens all the time and it is always old ladies. He is good-natured about it and I think he secretly enjoys it.

When Logan was riding shotgun on the drive to Kansas City, he looked over at me and made a comment about the "wings" that droop from my upper arms. I acknowledged that they were there and told him that last year I decided to wear only long sleeves to hide them. This year, I changed my mind and decided to let it all hang out. He said, "Yes, you should be comfortable, you are a grandma and you are allowed to have angel wings." That boy is so sweet. Then, he let me know 89-year-old great grandma Bernice has taken up lifting weights to firm up her set. I think it was a subtle hint.

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