Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home Again!

Logan doesn't look too happy to be home, but I think that's just the photo. They both had a fabulous time in California staying with Aunt Valery for two whole weeks. She pulled out all the stops providing them with memories that will last a lifetime. She had a lot of help from Colleen, Lisa and Kathy. They spent a couple of days up at Tahoe, staying at a cute resort, soaking up the sun, and catching crawdads. Colleen provided the focal point for family gatherings on her farm -- five acres with pygmy goats, chickens, dogs, family and food. She works very hard to make it all appear effortless and everyone always has a good time at her parties. Logan got to spend lots of time with his buddy, Cameron, while his mom, Lisa hovered in the background providing sustenance (something she excels at). Ben and Valery took at trip to San Francisco to visit the new natural history museum in Golden Gate Park. Ben, Valery, and Kathy then spent a day tagging hummingbirds, a UC Davis wildlife project -- right up Ben's alley!

Today they have fallen right back into the groove, band practice, friends, their own computers, etc. Home, sweet boys!


  1. Hey, I know that everyone is home safely. Our turn in a couple of weeks.

  2. Glad they're home and that they had a good time!!!

  3. I sure do miss those precious boys. How's their schedule next summer????