Thursday, January 22, 2009

Old Beyond His Years

Logan is twelve today. He always has seemed older than his years to me, but it I can easily recall the beautiful younger child he was (he's still a beautiful child, just older.)
At the invitation of Robin, my friend Nancy was present at Logan's birth. Robin called her early in the morning on January 22, 1997 and Nancy arrived at the hospital before I did and in time for the birth. I was at Robin and Steve's caring for Ben, waiting for the time when I could take him to day care and get to the hospital. A phone call came saying that the birth was imminent and that I should hurry. So, I calmly backed into the side of the garage and proceeded to the hospital, arriving just after the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. He had a cap of white hair, white eyebrows and a beautiful squarish face with just a few scratches. He remains blond and very good looking. And he's a wonderful person - smart, funny, kind, wise, considerate, and great company. He's a miracle. His presence in my life is a blessing beyond description.
He has become quite aware of his appearance and grooming. He comes out of the bathroom smelling of mouthwash and deodorant. The hoodie I gave him this morning for his birthday delighted him because it was the correct brand and had the right logo on it.


  1. Logan was a beautiful baby, and I too was honored to be at his birth. Happy Birthday Logan!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't think Logan (or Ben) could have made their debut without Colleen's coaching. Those were some of sisterhood's finest moments. Robin had such trust and faith in Colleen's coaching (after sll, she had pushed out three gorgeous boys herself by the time Ben was born). I am so grateful for Colleen's support of Robin.