Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Wrapup

Logan says that Saturday's paint ball party was his best party ever. Seven kids braved temperatures in the teens and splattered each other for three hours. They were great kids and they had a wonderful time -- I'm inclined to agree with Logan that it was the best birthday party ever. I didn't get any photos because I wasn't anywhere near the action. My 70th birthday is in April, but I don't think I want a paint ball party.

Phone calls came from all over the country to wish him a happy birthday. He felt like a celebrity for several days.

Yesterday we celebrated Bernice's 89th birthday and hers and Arlan's 63rd wedding anniversary by gathering for lunch at Golden Corral, where Ben and Logan ate nothing but yellow and orange food: mac and cheese (of course), canned peaches, corn, mashed potatoes (OK, white food, too ), rolls, and orange sherbet.

The boys' birthdays are just six months apart, so I always measure them at that time to have a record of their growth and current height. Both boys are now exactly 5' 6-1/2" tall and have grown three inches in the last six months.

Ben cooked dinner last night: raviolis, sugar snap peas, and olives. The menu was Logan's doing and Ben volunteered to cook. Next Sunday, Logan will cook.

We are waiting for the forecast ice storm to hit this afternoon. I hope the dire forecasts are overblown. We've been told to expect one inch of ice and power outages. We'll be OK, I have gas fireplaces, lots of goose down blankets, and enough Honey Bunches of Oats to see us through till spring.

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