Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Need a New Brain

In our part of the world, we pay personal property taxes on our vehicles to the county tax collector. These taxes are due at the end of the year, coincidentally the same time that my car insurance is due. Taxes have to be paid with a real check, and the tax bill must be submitted with the payment. For some inane reason, I also decided to pay the auto insurance by check instead of using the bank's bill pay service like I usually do. Well, I switched the payments and the envelopes. Not a good thing to do. When the insurance company received the tax check, they immediately deposited it, never mind that it wasn't payable to them. Then they sent me a letter refusing to accept the payment because it wasn't enough money, issued me a refund check, and advised me that my policy would be cancelled. The tax collector returned my (insurance) check and sent a letter advising me they couldn't accept a payment made out to an insurance company and letting me know that my taxes were now delinquent. Arrrggghhh. I did get it straightened out and I am insured and my car won't be towed away, but who needs this? I love bill pay and promise not to stray from their dependable service ever again.

Here's Logan wearing his new birthday T shirt -- a gift from Cameron's family. Lisa always gets him a long-sleeved T shirt for his birthday and he always loves it.

He's having a paint ball party this year, and you are all invited. Let me know if you can come.

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  1. No fun, I too love bill pay though. Its nice to be able to just schedule the payments and forget about it. Give the boys big hugs for us and tell them that we miss them. Logan's gift was ordered this afternoon and will be sent directly to you. =)