Friday, January 9, 2009

January Blahgs

I follow several blogs and I've noticed that postings in January have fallen off dramatically. Including mine. I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do anything except sleep in, which I've done twice this week -- a record for the past 50 years, I think. When I am up, I clean maniacally. I'm moving furniture, shampooing carpets, cleaning the garage (!), organizing closets, cupboards, etc. Am I depressed? No, my waking moments are filled with joy. It's just January. And I realize there are probably three more months until we see signs of spring. I eagerly await my dogwood tree's second spring in my yard. I see round blobs on the branches which I'm hoping are fetal blossoms.

Logan started playing basketball yesterday with the church league. He is the tallest sixth grader in the league. And he's much better than he was last year. I love watching him play and he hates it. He's definitely getting ready to be a teenager even though he's just approaching his twelfth birthday.
Gotta' go -- I need to finish shampooing the living room carpet.

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  1. hi this is Michelle i am Nichole's Aunt and i have been tring to get in touch with Nic for some time now if you talk with her please tell her that her Grandmother was in the hospital and has just gotten out also i would love to hear from her some time ... my email is thank you and by the way i am in Missouri also i'm in KC and i love the pictures of the baby she is so cute Nic has done a good job with her.