Monday, January 19, 2009

Do We Have Any . . .

Ten Things We Are Always Out of (or can't find)

10. Scissors (No! Don't use my good sewing scissors!)
9. Scotch Tape (Did you look in the Christmas wrapping stuff?)
8. Shampoo (Go get the bottle downstairs)
7. Toilet Paper (There's plenty in the garage! I'm not in the garage, and I need it now!)
6. Postage Stamps (Bill pay and email have rendered them nearly obsolete)
5. Bottle Openers (Used about twice a year when someone wants an imported beer.)
4. Milk (We're getting to the stage when I consider getting a cow or at least moving closer to a dairy.)
3. Cabernet Sauvignon (Another woman's milk.)
2. Clean clothes (if you'd put them in the hamper . . . anyhow, you know how to run the washer)
1. Time (My mantra: "Hurry we're late.")

Ten Things We Have in Abundance or will never run out of (or use up)

10. Lipstick (I think I still have my original tube of Tangee's Theatrical Red , now nearly 60 years old, plus all the other tubes that were "free" at the cosmetic counters, and remember those miniature Avon tubes?)
9. Cayenne Pepper
8. Baking Powder (Eeeeewwww, aluminum)
7. Vermouth
6. Christmas decorations (Why do I buy more each year?)
5. Books (The boys won't let go of any they have read and enjoyed -- where did they learn that?)
4. Quilting projects (Just when I think I can handle what I've begun, three new projects pop up)
3. Panty hose (does anyone wear them anymore?)

2. Plastic wrap (I'm still working on a roll I bought at least four years ago in California -- Safeway brand, an inferior product, but I'm determined to use it up down to the last crummy inch.)
1. Love (Awww, from family, friends, and our own household -- pets included.)


  1. I can so relate to your lists, although I have some great uses for panty hose.

    Try Rumford "Premium Aluminum-Free" Baking Powder. It's made by Clabber Girl Corp., but the Clabber Girl brand has aluminum (the last time I was checking labels).

  2. I still wear panty hose, LOL. Great for hiding stuff under a nice A-Line skirt. =)
    And I totally second that on the lipstick. I have never used up an entire tube before I moved on to some newer, better, brighter, or some other -er product.

  3. Sorry mom, but you ALWAYS lose scissors (and tweezers!). I have to say I am VERY anal about where I keep my scissors/tweezers, for I fear of falling in your footsteps!!!!

  4. Tom must have figured out number 5 of things you're always out of. He brought his own bottle opener when he and Nichole where in town a couple of weeks ago. During our poker game, we used it to open those forgotten bottles of Guinness that were downstairs.