Thursday, July 31, 2008

Charlotte's Web

If I had a really good SLR digital camera like cousin Christina in Florence, or granddaughter-in-law Nichole in Fall River, I could capture a wonderful photo of this classic spider web suspended from the pillar of my front porch and the railing of the stairs. Logan and I want to watch it and see who owns it and what gets trapped. This morning it looks unoccupied.

Logan and I were in the garden harvesting green beans when tornado warnings sent us to the storm shelter for about fifteen minutes yesterday afternoon. Fifty mile an hour winds and rain passed through the neighborhood, but no tornadoes. I wonder if we will become bored by the warning and stop seeking shelter when the sirens sound. Many locals ignore them.

The beans are getting strangled by the vines that share their bed. The squash/pumpkins/watermelon/cantelope are running rampant, growing a foot or more a day, like something out of "The Little Shop of Horrors." I have spotted at least one ear of corn, but it looks pretty puny.

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  1. You should post day by day pictures of these Little Shop gourds...Tom just realized how much you said they were growing "If you stared long enough you could actually see them move" Lol