Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fresh News from the Garden

Our garden struggles and so do we. The sweet potatoes planted in the near right bed -- you can't really see them in this photo -- suffer from flooding. All that runs down hill ends up in this patch. I guess next year we will build it up and allow for drainage underneath. Five tomato plants planted very late, hold their own in the near left bed while a squash plant looks like it is doomed. Corn in the far right bed is doing OK. In what appear to be bare spots, new shoots are coming up. The far left with beans, squash, melons, pumpkins, and carrots is the healthiest bed, although the carrot seeds nearly washed out and are clumped at the near right hand corner of that bed awaiting thinning. Looks like I won't be giving up my twice-weekly trips to the Farmer's Market anytime soon. Today I bought cabbage, corn and worms, dill, peaches, onions and garlic. And I ordered a free-range heritage turkey for Thanksgiving.
I think I'm a better quilter than gardener.

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  1. When you do the beds next year, you might want to elevate them with brick, gravel, or something similar, especially in that lower corner. I had a similar drainage issue in my garden in Tahoe. The gravel was always my best bet. =) Will we be seeing pictures of the harvest as it comes along?