Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cat Nap

Yesterday I heard Logan laughing the way a baby laughs -- a huge spontaneous belly laugh. He had just discovered the cat's latest hiding place -- inside Ben's bass drum. It's a tight squeeze for a 16 pound cat, but she can do it. Ben had shoved a pillow inside to dampen the sound and Minnie Mimi knows he intended it as a bed for her.

Today's downpour and thunderstorm provided effortless watering for our garden. The corn is tasseling and the baby beans will be ready in a few days. The tomatoes are miserable, but nearly everyone who lives nearby is having the same problem. Most people blame it on the gray, damp weather we have had most of the spring and early summer; I hope they are right and that it is not some kind of a blight.

Ben's birthday gifts included a RockBand for the Wii system and an ipod shuffle. I am so glad that the boys have reached an age and a level of savvy that gives them a techno-advantage over me. Now when something doesn't work right, I ask them to fix it instead of struggling with ill-written instructions and a device with tiny buttons. They can lift things too heavy for me and reach things on high shelves.

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  1. Hello Grandma. Ummmmmm... this is my first time posting a comment about something. I might do this occasionally. so I just wanted to say... I had stuffed another soft item in there to give the cat something more to lean on that is comfy. Apparently I put it on the side of the inside of the drum. I guess I could just tell you this in person, but I felt like leaving a comment. ok. Bye.