Saturday, March 23, 2013

What if . . .

I've heard that the estimated value of a West Point education is $500,000 -- cadets pay nothing and receive a monthly stipend. Like all the other service academies, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Naval, it is entirely funded by the Federal government. Collectively, they turn out approximately 5,000 top-notch warriors every year. The graduates spend at least five years in service to the nation after graduation. Many choose a military career.

What if we established a new National Service Academy dedicated to waging war against the destruction of our planet? Yes, a Green Academy. Talented high school graduates would spend four years in intense study, and perhaps would be required to present a "solution" to a major issue as a graduation requirement. They would then serve five more years in graduate work continuing to study and work on applying their "solution." They could opt for a career in the field. 

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