Sunday, March 17, 2013

All Hail!

All Hail, Blue and Gold
Thy colors unfold
O'er loyal Californians,
Whose hearts are strong and bold,  
All Hail, Blue and Gold
Thy strength ne'er shall fail;
 For thee we'll die,
 All Hail! All Hail!

Hail to California,
Alma Mater dear;
Sing the joyful chorus,
Sound it far and near.
Rallying round her banner,
We will never fail;
California, Alma Mater,
Hail! Hail! Hail! 

My father taught me these songs when I was very young. I'm sure I knew them and the California Fight Song ("The Sturdy Golden Bear) before I was eight years old. Seward "Bud" Blair was a proud alum of Cal Berkeley and a loyal supporter of their football team (the magical Pappy Waldorf years, Jackie Jensen was a star quarterback). We sang all of these songs at each football game.

My father was one of the second generation members of his family to attend the University of California. My brother Ken and some of his cousins were among the third generation and fourth generations. Now Ben will be joining their ranks as a member of the fifth generation when he goes to UC Davis in September. I am so pleased for him.

Notice of his acceptance arrived via email yesterday and was filled with information about what to do next. Today he is busy working on plans. This is big folks, this is definitely one of those major forks in the road. I have great hopes for his academic future and am so proud and happy for him.

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  1. How proud of Ben I am and how happy at this amazing moment. And I can't wait to have Ben back in California!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!