Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Cost of Public Education

I truly believe Ben and Logan are getting a good education in Ozark's public schools. But, it isn't exactly free -- here's an example of some of the fees and supplies expenditures since school let out in May. Our free education has cost nearly $1,000 this summer. 

Band Booster Shirts                 $   40
Band Activity Fees                      160
Chorale Activity Fee                     10    
Speech and Debate activity fee  15
Marketing Activity fee                 10
Football Spirit Pack                     94
Football Booster Club               25
Football pictures                       48
Football buttons                        10
School Pictures                         96
TI - 84 Plus Calculator              99
Misc School supplies                44
Football camp                           50
Drivers Training                      100

(Sorry for the poor formatting -- blogger and I have a disagreement on how to make this a neat column -- I lost).
And then there are clothing items: marching band shoes, football cleats, dress clothes for speech and debate, and a renaissance costume for the Chorale Christmas Madrigal. I'm hoping it will slow down now that school is back in session and the fees and supplies for the fall semester are behind us. This is Ben's senior year and I know that comes laden with expenses for special trips and activities. On top of this we support a rash of fundraisers and donate many volunteer hours. It's exhausting, physically and fiscally. I can't imagine the pressure on the financially strapped working parents. 

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  1. That is a major reason, plus lack of transportation that poorer kids are not involved in many activities. It is sad for everyone.