Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pieces of a Life II, III, and IV (Joan Miller) and Pieces of Our Lives

Joan Miller left behind lots of scraps of material. These pillows are made from bits of upholstery scraps found in a shoe box. I have no idea what she intended to do with them, but here's my shot at it. The  

scraps are on the front and I used dark olive green corduroy for the piping and backs and incorporated a photo printed on muslin into each. I hope someone will like them.

Here's a little crib blanket. Joan had sewn little squares into rows. I put the rows together (top photo) and then used some of my scraps for the back (bottom photo). I also used some squares of dark purple satin from a piece given to me by my friend Sharon. She suggested that babies love the feel of satin and that it might make good binding. It's really hard to work with as a binding, so I took an easy way out and put some satin squares on the back. I like the idea a lot and as long as the supply of satin holds out, I'm going to work a patch into each baby quilt I make.

Today was volunteer day for Ben and Logan. Working with the high school's chapter of the National Honor Society, Ben volunteered at a community-wide event held, of all places, at the community center. He helped run a bean bag toss game. Logan volunteered as a judge at a Junior High School speech tournament. He must have brought them good luck because Ozark won the sweepstakes and came home with a giant trophy and a very pleased speech and debate teacher. Nice going, Natalie and kids!

I made mac and cheese for dinner tonight, guess which kid decided to stir some leftover kale into his? I like kale, but I still have a hard time getting my head around the idea of a kid choosing to eat it!

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