Saturday, March 17, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New

Fellow CSA members pull up bolting plants in the hoop house at Millsap Farms. Not sure what veggie these folks are working on, but Ben and I were there this morning to help get the last edible leaves from these spinach plants:
Then the plants were yanked out of the bed, fed to the chickens, and the soil was prepared for the next planting by Grace, the seventh of the Millsap's eight daughters:
The tomato and cucumber seeds I planted in little 2 inch soil blocks will find their way into these beds in a few days after germinating in an old recycled dairy cooler. The seeds sit in the dark and damp environment until they've sprouted and then they are transplanted into the waiting beds.
Look closely and you can see one tomato seed in the center of each soil block. 

 The bed is ready and waiting!

This is probably our last season with the CSA, but I hope somehow we can retain contact with Sarah and Curtis Millsap and hear how their garden and their girls grow. I'll miss them, and I really enjoyed the lessons I learned about the production and appreciation of vegetables. Otherwise, I would probably never eaten a turnip, Jerusalem artichoke, Chinese long red bean (one of my favorites!), and lots of other exotic veggies.

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