Monday, March 19, 2012


Have you ever seen an Ambien tablet? They are very tiny and horror stories abound about what happens when some people take them. I think I get it now. I don't have a horror story, but I did take ONE HALF of one of those tiny little time bombs last night.

I spent the night at Cox hospital for a sleep study to determine whether my apnea warrants a CPAP breathing device. Since my sleep pattern typically involves two or three hours of wakeful time in the middle of the night, the good doctor thought it best if I take a sleeping tablet. I was reticent, I know that many drugs behave strangely in my body, or rather my body behaves strangely while hosting certain drugs, but I went ahead. I had no problem falling asleep even though a couple dozen wires were attached to various party of my body. I had no problem staying asleep. I had no problem demonstrating sleep apnea. I had no problem falling back asleep after they hooked up the C-PAP gizmo. Waking up was a challenge.

I drove myself home, kind of wondering whether or not I was road-ready, but made it safely, probably because there was so little traffic at 6:30. I finished my cup of very strong coffee and then lay down for a little rest. I woke up at 11:00, still groggy, feeling very hungover, and unwilling to venture out onto the roads. If I could figure out how to safely dispose of the remaining half tablet, I'd get rid of it. No more for me!

As I write this, the wind has picked up and the threatened storm is moving in. Five to eight inches of rain and possible tornadoes are forecast for the next couple of days. This very early and beautiful spring, has pushed the redbud and dogwood into bloom. I hope this storm doesn't take the buds off, here's my dogwood nearly a month ahead of schedule.

 Well, I think I'll go have another cup of coffee and a little nap.

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  1. You may need to try a 1/4 of a tablet once you try to get used to the CPap device. I have a friend who use Ambient for about a week to "reset" her sleep cycle. It worked for her and allowed her to get back in a normal sleep pattern.