Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where's Ben?

 Last night's Madrigal was magnificent! Of course the kids sang like angels and looked splendid in their Renaissance costumes. The program was tremendously enhanced by Mrs. Jameson's exuberant directing and Mr. Davidson's enormous piano talent.
Can you find Ben in the kingdom of assembled choristers below?

 After the performance, as the audience and performers mingled in the foyer, the air pulsed with the energy still being discharged by the singers. The combination of their voices raised in joy and wearing fancy clothes generated warmth and happiness that spilled over all of us.

And so, the semester ends. Ben has only three more to go before graduation. Both boys continue to earn excellent grades and get lots of praise and recognition from their teachers. And I continue to bore people to death with my bragging. Get used to it -- I'm not cutting back.

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