Monday, December 12, 2011

Passing the Baton

It's time to pass the baton. Christmas 2011 will be the last time I host Christmas dinner. And of course, I am overcome by conflicting thoughts as I make this decision. I think it is a good thing for Ben and Logan to know that Christmas happens in other houses. I also think it is good for them to acknowledge that their grandmother is aging and her limitations are increasing. Next year the remodeling of Julia's house will be complete and she will take over.

I'm finding that decorating the house becomes more difficult each year. I've given up outdoor decorations all together except for two fake potted poinsettias. The indoor (fake) tree is up, but not completely decorated. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and their toes hold chocolate coins (a tradition with us). I won't give up some of our traditions. I will continue to make a Christmas stocking for each new family member and will hang ours with care and chocolate.

Guess why lots of the decorations stay up year round:
a) I have Christmas in my heart all year
b) I like the way they look
c) I have nothing to put in their place
d)I'm too lazy to take them down
e) I have no place to put them
f) All of the above

Cooking the Christmas feast takes more energy than I have. I want to enjoy the day, not collapse in the recliner with exhaustion. My stamina took a big hit with this year's surgery and it just hasn't rebounded. I can still get lots done, but the pace is different. However, I promise you, there will always be Brussels Sprouts, no matter where I dine!

Make no mistake, I'm not depressed, simply getting a bit tired. Friend and former pastor, Mary Maaga, has written a Christmas story where she describes approaching each day like a Christmas stocking ready to reveal its small joys. That struck a chord with me; I awaken each morning with joy and anticipation, eager to see the wonders of the day.

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