Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From Soup to Nuts!

                       Soup day falls three days after Christmas in my house. Anything left in the refrigerator either goes in the soup pot or the garbage today. And I think it is my favorite day of the season. No planning, no presents, no parties, no panic. I love the Christmas send-up, but by the time the day itself arrives, I'm done with it. Then I fall into a chair and veg out for a couple of days. By the 28th, I'm back in harness, ready to toss the Christmas wrapping and the leftovers. And that's where I am today.

The washing machine has been running at full tilt (which is very descriptive of the way our machine operates -- "running" across the laundry room floor and ended up at an odd angle to it's home base). The house is filled with yummy soup smells, the refrigerator is nearly empty. The tree looks sad and lonely. The gifts have all been settled in their new homes. Most of the sticky stuff has been cleaned up and the empty soda containers are in the recycle bin.


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