Friday, July 8, 2011

There He Goes

Ben has begun his journey into a jam-packed week of California delights. As soon as he arrives in Sacramento, Valery and Logan will whisk him off for an RV camping adventure at Lake Tahoe. Colleen, Andy, and Robby will join them at Zephyr Cove. Early next week, he'll move to Napa to stay with Kathy and Rick for a few days. They plan to visit the UC Davis campus -- Ben's first choice for college -- and take in the Bohart Entomology Museum, and the McLaughlin Reserve.
Kathy also plans to entertain Ben by allowing him to examine goat feces for parasites using her brand-new microscope. She really knows how to have a good time!
Events are planned to reunite with other relatives and friends: He'll visit his California grandfather (Roger Moore), meet with K-4 classmates, and celebrate Kathy's 65th birthday.
I miss him already and he's still on the ground in Dallas!

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