Monday, July 25, 2011

Long Live the (tall, skinny) King!

Come on Ben, blow out the candles and eat your cake -- all of it. Put some meat on your bones, so you can wear jeans that fit. It is possible to buy jeans in his size (28 x 34 or 36) for around $400 a pair. He measured 6'1" on his birthday and is still holding at around 120 pounds.

We celebrated on Sunday with the local family plus Kevin and Rachel who are semi-local: 3 hours away. I fixed Sunday dinner for eighteen people, exhausted myself, and slept ten hours.

We're car shopping now -- at least we have some feelers out. I will be very happy to retire from chauffeur duty -- this week I'll be taking him to and from band camp. He's still has to work on parallel parking before he can try for his license. Maybe this evening we'll go find someplace to practice.

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