Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Ben spent yesterday touring the campus of his dream school -- UC Davis. He looks right at home to me. So much about it appeals to me : A strong and long UC family tradition, although most went to UC Berkeley; proximity to lots of "safety net" relatives (Valery, Rick, Kathy, Colleen); wonderful opportunities in his field of interest (entomology); cool community focused on sustainability; vegetarian heaven (he might find something to eat!); and a place I think he would love. But, it's very difficult for an out-of -state student to get admitted. We'll have to see how it plays out.

Brother Rick and his wife Kathy have kindly taken him under their wing while explores the possibilities of the campus and the region.

From all reports Ben and Logan had a great time camping at Tahoe with Valery, Robby, Colleen, and, Andy. They enjoyed kayaking on the lake and stopping to visit with Grandpa Roger on the way back to El Dorado Hills. Ben plans more to explore more of the area with Kathy and Rick while Logan pals around with first friend Cameron. They'll come together for a barbecue Thursday night and more reunions with friends on Friday. Saturday they'll celebrate Kathy's birthday and Sunday they'll come home Hooray!

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