Friday, January 28, 2011

What Goes Up Must Come Down


Here are the seven water towers of our town. I drove around this morning to photograph each of them. Every time I tried to mentally count them, I'd come up one short, so I thought I'd set them down in cyberspace. I wonder if I missed any -- if anyone knows of any others, let me know!

I love water towers -- I'm fascinated by them in much the same way I am fascinated by other things I don't fully understand, but have faith in and am dependent on, like electricity and aerodynamics. I read "How Stuff Works" and I still don't really grok it.

But then, I'm old enough and mature enough to accept that I don't have to understand everything. After all, I have Ben who patiently tried to explain fractals and the Mandelbrot set to me. It's good enough, better in fact, that he understands.

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