Saturday, January 1, 2011

Way to go, 2010

It was almost unbearably exciting as you can see by the expressions of these slack-jawed or jaw-breaker-jawed musicians
who accompanied star Krista while Ash rounded out the Rock Band ensemble

and the back-up dancers (Amanda and Kerri) gyrated wildly on stage right. I had the best seat in the house, right next to the TV screen. (Sorry the pictures are so poor, I had the camera set wrong -- resolution #1: check camera settings before snapping!)

Weather-wise, the year went out with a bang: New Year's Eve began with a spectacular thunderstorm, just after midnight -- one that had me up prowling, unplugging devices I didn't want zapped, and listening to the radio for tornado warnings. That round of storms didn't produce any tornadoes, but several hours later just as I was about to get up, the sirens began wailing and we all spent a few minutes in the shelter. No damage in our immediate area, but the deadly system bracketed our region; six people died and a lot of property damage both to the southwest and the northeast of us.

We are safe and serene as 2011 gets under way. Today the Christmas decorations come down! Happy New Year!

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