Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Stockings Are Hung . . .

Over the years I've made 15 or so of these sequined felt Christmas stockings for my children, grandchildren, great-granddaughter, and various spouses. When I hung Ben and Logan's stockings the year of Robin's death, I was surprised to find some chocolate coins in both stockings. I felt they were a gift from her to her boys. So, each year when I hang the stockings, I put a few chocolate coins in them.

Here's Logan's stocking -- this one confuses me. I'm not sure what Noah's Ark has to do with Christmas, or how those candy canes got on the ark. I guess this proves the flood occurred over Christmas and that Santa Claus predates Jesus.


  1. Hi Melody-
    Colleen showed me long ago this blog that you have. I just have to say, I love reading your stories and seeing your pictures. Wishing you and the boys a Merry Christmas.
    Love, Jill

  2. Thanks Jill -- so nice to hear from you, feel free to comment anytime -- feedback feeds my creative juices!

  3. I remember getting that yucky ribbon candy stuck to the bottom of my stocking when I was a kid. What was that about? And we have our stockings hung by the chimney, but Robby wants to trade with me because I have a big Santa on mine and he has Tigger and he thinks he's too old for a Tigger stocking. Maybe I could mail you the stockings and you can switch the names for us? Because I'm not too old for Tigger!

    Love, Colleen

  4. Sure, I could switch names if that would make Robby happy and help him feel cool. The fuzzy candy was a throwback to my childhood. We had that stuffed hard candy stuck to the bottoms of our stockings. Double yuck!!

  5. Please put some candy in there from us. We miss you guys so much...