Saturday, December 5, 2009

Morning Sounds

From Logan's room, the muffled music from his radio sounds like Moroccan camel driver music, "heeba, heeba, wumpah, wumpah, thump thump." No matter what the song, they all sound the same coming through his door and down the hall to where I sit quilting in the dining room over my second cup of coffee.
From Ben's room, nothing, silence. I resist the impulse to stick a mirror under his nose and check for breath, any sign of life. Remember how when your baby was new born you frequently checked to make certain s/he was still breathing? You got over it by trading that worry for a desperately needed full night's sleep. With these guys, I don't get over it. I still need to check on them early in the morning, or in the night if I should awaken. I need reassurance of their safety more than I need uninterrupted sleep. What am I going to do when they are driving and dating?

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