Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obligatory Yearend Wrapup

  • January began with a visit from Tom, Nichole and Mallaika -- a good omen.
  • The winter delivered fewer ice storms than previous years.
  • The boys traveled to Oregon with Kevin and Rachel to celebrate their great-grandmother's 90th birthday
  • In April, my family gathered around me to celebrate my 70th birthday -- I had eight sleepover guests. My house and heart were full to overflowing.
  • Least amount of tornado activity since we've lived here -- only one night in the shelter (in January!).
  • The boys finished elementary and Junior High School, each according to his grade. They got fabulous grades.
  • Ben went to summer school and to band camp.
  • Logan went to football camp and got really buff.
  • I spent most of the summer driving kids around.
  • Both boys went to California to visit Valery, Colleen and all the California relatives.
  • Rick gave us a health scare, but is fine, now.
  • Kathy and Rick got married.
  • Ben started high school, spent nearly every waking moment busy with band activities.
  • Logan started Junior High, played football -- never losing a game he played in.
  • I visited Tom, Nichole and Mallaika and we spent a weekend on Nantucket Island with Cousin Chris, her husband Lorenzo, and their child, Eleonora, visiting from Florence.
  • Colleen and Andy got married and are soooo happy.
  • Both boys started the year as sopranos and ended up tenors -- each grew six inches.
  • I quilted, and quilted, and quilted, and then I read a book.

Yeh, a couple of icky things happened, but they are in the past for the most part. All in all, it was a wonderful year.

Happy New Year! (And come visit me!)

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  1. I love your wonderfully upbeat wrap-up and especially your dismissal of a "couple icky things"! Life IS so good if we just remember how good it is! We are all blessed. Happy New Year everyone!!! Love, Valery