Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girls' Getaway

Six of us (Louise, Sharon, Idella, Molly, Janet, and I) traveled to St. Louis for the Chinese Lantern Festival in the gorgeous Missouri Botanical Gardens. Each time I visit St. Louis I like it a little bit more. Kansas City is a tad closer, but feels more like an outpost with suburban sprawl than a real city. I love catching sight of the arch and knowing that the Mississippi River is just beyond.

This was not a traveling exhibit as I had originally thought; it was specifically constructed for this event, funded by local corporate and private sponsors. The exhibits were made from silk on wire frames and illuminated from within in some cases. Others were made from repurposed materials, plastic water bottles, pill bottles, and porcelain dishware. When the exhibit closes, the displays will be dismantled and again recycled. They were beautifully arranged within the existing plantings of the gardens -- very well done St. Louis!

Not only did we get to enjoy the gardens, but the company was great, and Sharon guided us to explore a great Italian neighborhood known as "the Hill." I'm going back!

We ended the trip with a stop at Trader Joe's. I don't miss a lot about California, but I sure miss TJ's!

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