Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All Aboard for Providence

He rarely lets me take his picture these days, that's why I post so many pictures of food, quilts and other non-Logan photos. But, I persuaded him that this would be the picture I would give to the police if he failed to turn up in Providence this evening. Guess I won't be needing it.

He's a pretty experienced and savvy traveler and he checks in with me at each transfer point along the way,  but I'm still a very crazy woman until I know he has arrived safely and then I calm down to my normal sort of crazy woman state.

He thinks his T-shirt is pretty cool because it is a FOOTBALL T-shirt and he's sure it will impress everyone he encounters in the Chicago airport while he waits for the second leg of his flight. Little does he know they will only see the word OZARK and wonder where in the Ozarks he is from.

Cousin Tom, Nichole, and Mallaika will host him for a week and show him some of the sights between Providence and Salem, MA. They'll probably check out some historical stuff, some silly stuff, and some colleges.

While Logan was traveling half way across the country, Ben was at the Bull Shoals field station watering the cane they had planted during his GLADE week. If I understand the project, I think they are trying to restore habitat to encourage an increase in the numbers of Swainson's Warblers, rare birds that like to hang out in giant cane. It's been a struggle for the new starts of the cane to take hold because of the heat and drought conditions we've experienced in the past couple of weeks.  Some of the cane is hanging in there, but no warblers yet. Ben did bring home a few inchworm specimens he intends to nurture while they turn into moths. He is really enjoying the afterglow from GLADE

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