Monday, April 16, 2012

Top This

I'm still sewing every spare moment, but not finishing much except the themed table toppers I've been making each month. Here are Spring Flowers, the third set. My goal is to make twelve, we'll see if I stick with it. I've been having a good time helping a friend make a T-shirt quilt as a surprise for her son's graduation. It's her first quilt and we're both pretty stoked about it. Part of my excitement comes from the sewing machine she borrowed from her mother-in-law. It's a 93-year old Singer (electric, not treadle). It's gorgeous and runs beautifully. It sews only a forward straight stitch, very even and balanced. What a gem!

The wild weather this weekend bypassed us for the most part. Lots of rain on Saturday didn't keep us us from having our planned garage sale and it didn't keep the buyers away either.The boys did the selling and got to keep whatever money they raked in. We plan to hold several more sales until we have some of the clutter in the house under control. When Ben and Logan realized that sales equal money in their pockets they became much more enthusiastic about disposing of stuff. I think we are finally making a dent in it.

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