Saturday, April 21, 2012

Look Out World, Here Comes Logan

And he's behind the wheel. He doesn't want to learn how to drive, he wants to KNOW how to drive. Today he seemed to have a hard time understanding why the car didn't respond telepathically; he kept asking why doesn't it turn the way I want it to, why does it start so fast, stop so fast/slow, etc. Soon he will learn that he is in charge and it will do what he directs it to (I hold out hope). Our first driving lesson in an empty parking lot went very well and we'll be ready to try it on the road in another week. By the time summer school and driver training starts, he should be getting comfortable. I'm sure he's going to be a good driver.
I'm healing nicely, the swelling is nearly all gone, and the colors are radiant. This picture doesn't do them justice. I'm bruised from my hairline to my chin, but oh, so grateful that I am only bruised. After a couple of slow days Monday and Tuesday, I was back in full swing for my birthday on Wednesday. Friend Andra brought me a to-die-for chocolate cake -- Logan just ate the last crumbs this morning. And friend Sharon took me to lunch on Friday. We were joined by fellow book club member, Molly, at the Twilight Inn. All you out-of-towners remind me to take you there when you come to visit. It's really good -- I had a wonderful steak salad and for dessert, berries with Grand Marnier sauce. Very yum. And great company.

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