Sunday, January 22, 2012

Logan at 15

Today is Logan's 15th birthday. Here's a hasty random list of who he is:
  • Tall (6' 1").
  • Buff (180 lbs).
  • Furry (he wears shorts all winter because he claims his hairy legs keep him warm).
  • Blue-eyed (near-sighted, wears contacts, wants lasik surgery).
  • Blond (born blond, blond for life -- even his beard and furry legs are white).
  • Straight of tooth ($5600 and three years later, now wearing a retainer).
  • Resistant to having his picture posted on this blog.
  •  A real foodie -- Having monkey bread for breakfast -- it's become a birthday tradition in our house. His first words when he gets home from school are : "What's for dinner?" Tonight it will be mac and cheese with ham and peas -- his all time favorite.
  • Sequestered downstairs for unlimited time with his new RPG, although he'll surface for dinner at noon today with the Maples clan to celebrate Bernice's birthday, Bernice and Arlan's 65th anniversary, and his birthday
  • A wonderful high-achieving, ambitious kid who loves football, speech and debate, and wants to go to Harvard and become a lawyer. 
  • Funny, with a great sense of humor, and a wonderful innocent belly laugh that is still child-like
  • Kind and considerate of me -- makes coffee, brings me the paper, instructs me to sleep in, and does whatever I ask.
  • No longer taking naps in my lap. For the first two years years he lived with me, we would nap together in my recliner while he clutched his tattered blanket and sucked his thumb
  • Gregarious -- no longer the timid child who cowered in a corner or under the table when strangers came into the house. I often hear comments about his great social skills. 
  • Apparently asthma-free. He had his first episode at around three years old and had several serious attacks during the first couple of years he lived with me. He hasn't had any episodes in the past six years. 
  • No longer screaming hysterically when we pull into parking garages.
  • Nearly ready to get his driver's permit. I think he'll be a good driver and it will be easy to teach him because he has taken in second-hand training as Ben learned. 
  • Wonderful!

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  1. Happy birthday Logan! You really are as great a kid as your grandmother posted! Proud to know you.