Friday, January 20, 2012

Blah, blah, blah

I need something new and different in my life. I have no idea what it is, but I can feel it bubbling in my veins. It's the kind of stirring I get just before I make a major decision, such as deciding to change jobs, move across the country, go back to school, buy a new car, etc. I feel the rumblings, but I don't know what they are telling me.Maybe it is just selling my house and moving this spring/summer. I really want to live someplace where I can walk out of my kitchen into the back yard without dealing with stairs.

Ben is now driving himself to and from evening rehearsals at school, making my life a bit simpler, and causing me to feel a bit less necessary in his life -- a feeling that contributes to my general antsyness (there's no right way to spell that word!). In other news, Ben was admitted to the National Honor Society this week, adding something else to include on his college aps.

The quilt in the picture (with Logan's hands and feet) was delivered to the newborn daughter of our friend Holly who cuts our hair and performs in Branson. The boys and I have been following her as a hair stylist and performer for several years and have become friends.

Logan turns 15 on Sunday and will be old enough to get his driver's permit. He hasn't studied for it yet, so it will probably be a couple more weeks at least, before he gets it. And now, I get to teach one more kid to drive. We'll celebrate his birthday on Sunday at a gathering Julia is hosting to also celebrate Bernice and Arlan's 65th wedding anniversary as well as Bernice's birthday -- pictures to follow. 

Knee surgery is postponed again -- I have a couple of other health issues to deal with before I proceed. So, it may not happen until late in the year if I can remain mobile that long. I'm determined it won't interfere with my plans for the Golden Girls reunion in September.

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