Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's See, Where Was I?

Oh, yeah, Logan's birthday . . .
 . . . breakfast (Monkey Bread)

Noontime meal and horsing around with Grandpa Maples
Annual photo with great-grandma, Bernice

Julia put on a family gathering and great celebration for Logan and Bernice's birthday and Bernice and Arlan's 65th (!) wedding anniversary with yummy lasagna, a giant birthday cookie for Logan and a gorgeous cake for Bernice. 

For the past couple of weeks, health issues have kept me preoccupied and sleep deprived. My blood pressure has been soaring and I've had irregular heart beats. So, I'm seeing a cardiologist and enduring fancy diagnostic procedures. Tomorrow is an echo-cardiogram. I've learned I'm probably not going to die any time soon, and that my thyroid is fine. The blood pressure is responding to new medication and it's wait and see time on the irregular heart beats. More later.

Meanwhile the beat goes on (at an irregular rate). Logan had a speech tournament this past weekend, and Ben is off to compete in math next Saturday. The days are pock-marked by early morning weight training, afternoon off-season football practice and math club, and evening drum line rehearsals. When I'm not driving, I'm sitting in a parked car waiting to pick some one up and catching up on my reading.  I've spent six months working my way through everything written by David McCullough. I love his view of historical figures: Teddy Roosevelt, John Adams, Harry Truman, the Roebling father and son (engineers of the Brooklyn Bridge) and all the folks associated with the planning and building and re-planning and more building of the Panama Canal. Now I'm ready to read some trash!

Work to fix up the house for sale is under way and I think it will be listed the first of May. I have lots of stuff to get rid of before that time and it is really hard to decide what to do with it all. I have so many pictures from trips that would mean nothing to anyone else, yet I have a hard time pitching them. So many books. Too much furniture. Too many "artifacts." Somehow, this will all be brought under control by the first of May and I'll be ready to shoe horn our family into a three-bedroom, 1200-1500 square foot house. My Rainbow Drive house in San Jose would be perfect!

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