Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Fling

A big, bad thunderstorm has been raging all afternoon and promises to hang around for a couple more days. One flash of blue/white cloud-to-ground lightning lit up and shook the house and us with its simultaneous thunder clap. It must have struck very near, but we see no evidence. The river is out of its banks, so we have to use the "go around" route, and my sump pump has quit working. I don't know much about sump pumps, but I expect to know a whole bunch more tomorrow. So far today the tornado warnings have all been to the south of us. We did spend half an hour or so hunkered down the other day during the same storm that moved eastward and hit the St. Louis airport.
I think it's time for a new camera. I've dropped the old one so many times that the chipped plastic door to the battery compartment won't stay closed and I'm getting unpredictable results on the photos. This one is the sharpest of three Kevin took of us this morning, too bad we all have goofy expressions on our faces. The boys looked wonderful in their new suits and got loads of compliments from folks at church. And no, the red and blue ties have no political significance.
We celebrated several birthdays today at Julia's Easter bash -- mine, Sadie's and Nick's. Here Sadie stands next to her look alike paternal grandmother, Sandy Cyr. Julia made a fabulous dinner with a juicy tender fruit-smoothered ham and a yummy carrot souffle -- and a bunch of other really good stuff.
Nick turned sixteen today.

Alicia and Jimmie joined us for lunch. Their twins are due in July. It's a difficult pregnancy for Alicia and I'm sure July seems a long time away. She showed us some astounding ultrasounds showing amazing detail of the babies.
Lars' year as an exchange student from Bremen, Germany is drawing to a close. He has only one more week of classes and will graduate in early May. His folks will come from Germany to attend the ceremony. In this picture, he and Ben are holding the crepe paper wrapped "carrots" that Julia stuffed with little toys, trinkets, or candy. She really worked hard on this party -- it was fabulous!I got lots of wonderful birthday attention, lunches, gifts, cards, phone calls, etc. Kevin and Rachel got me an EZ-Find! The buttons attached to my cell phone and my Kindle respond to a signal transmitted by this device:
Now, the challenge is to be able to located the transmitter when I can't find my phone, Kindle, keys, purse, remote, etc.!

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  1. In describing the ham, "fruit-smoothered" was a typo, but I like it, so I'm leaving it alone!