Sunday, April 17, 2011

It Used To Be

  • . . . that when I wanted something for future reference, I needed it on paper. Now, I need it on my computer. I scan in pieces of paper, because I know I will lose them some time down the road.
  • . . . the best coffee was made in a percolator and was purchased ground and in a can (Yuban, if you were really fancy -- remember the whoosh of the can opening and the wonderful smell?).
  • . . . possible to buy abalone in fish markets or at restaurants.
  • . . . possible to see the Milky Way on clear nights.
  • . . . that I dialed a phone and typed on a typewriter. (Does any one else know what a comptometer is?)
  • . . . required to license your bicycle.
  • . . . that I could binge on Mother's Iced Raisin Cookies.
  • . . . that making your own clothes was cheaper than buying them. (Patterns now cost $15!).
  • . . .that March 15 was tax deadline day.
  • . . .that making a long distance call was a big deal, only for very important stuff.
  • . . .that we got our shoes resoled. And we polished them.
  • . . . that only old people thought of things like this.


  1. Well, even though I'm your much younger sister, I remember all these things and I think thoughts like this too. Could I be old? I think not!

  2. Oh, and one last Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a glorious day! xoxox