Monday, April 26, 2010

Modern Warfare II or Lord of the Flies

What you see here are four nearly catatonic teenaged boys gathered in our living room. Thumb twitching assures me they are still conscious.
Here you see an image of the disgusting bloody game, Modern Warfare II, which induces their stupor. As you can see the screen is divided into quadrants. Each boy has control over one warrior in his own quadrant. They sneak up on each other by manipulating the hand-held controllers, and when they score a hit, blood erupts all over the screen. It is much easier to find your opponent if you glance over into his quadrant and look at things from his perspective. Unfortunately, this is considered bad sportsmanship, breaks the stupor, and produces shouts of "Screen Watching!!!" from all the other players. Under ideal circumstances, so I'm told, a player would only be able to see his own section.

So, Kane came up with this invention made of pizza boxes and duct tape. If the players were seated close to the TV and arranged high and low, right and left to match the quadrants on the screen and those formed by the pizza boxes, theoretically, screen watching would be impossible. Unfortunately, they could not make it stick to the TV screen. So, the game continues while the action on the screen predicts the behavior of the boys. When one is caught screen watching, warfare erupts. Life imitates art.


  1. Why don't you just buy three more television sets?

  2. Attach the quadrant blinders to a (paper/cardboard) frame. Tape the frame to the TV. This reminds me of a thingie one of G's kids designed for school. The idea was fine, except that it lacked a support and couldn't float in air on its own.