Monday, November 9, 2009


The daughter of a friend had a stroke yesterday. The daughter has been using the YAZ birth control product. My friend posted the following message on her facebook wall:

"Friends - Our daughter suffered a stroked today. The ER doc pointed a straight line to YAZ (birth control pill). He said he sees 3 cases a week of stroke due to Yaz. Please share this info with anyone you know who may be using this product."

I am so sad for them and so angry. ONE doctor in ONE hospital sees THREE cases a week and the product is still on the market. What do you suppose the worldwide toll is?

After posting the message on my facebook wall, a relative responded that she is taking VAZ. I am praying she will not take another dose. I have been in tears all afternoon and do not know how to function in my hysteria. But I must find every means possible to tell everyone I know to not take a single dose of VAZ. There are other choices -- call your doctor now! Stop taking VAZ. Have a baby, use a condom, abstain, you can get through this! But don't take VAZ! My friend had discussed the risks of VAZ last week with her daughter. The girl was "busy" and didn't get around to following up.

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  1. I took Yasmin (by the same company, apparently with the same issues) for longer than I care to admit. I feel very lucky to have dodged this one. My heart goes out to your friend and her daughter.