Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrapup

We went from this Blackened, brined Martha Stewart-ish divine bird to . . .

. . . this parade of the plastic containers in fewer than two hours thanks to . . .
. . . this group of cousins and their various parental and grandparental appendages.
(Nicholas, Ben, Logan, Nikki, Alicia, Sadie, and Adam)

Doesn't this photo look like it belongs on the cover of a foodie magazine? These two sweeties -- Krista and the pumpkin trifle -- were an important part of the feast. Krista and Amanda made this masterpiece the night before and it was indeed a feast for the eyes and the tummy.

Amanda (center) and her girls, Nikki and Alicia

These photos were taken either by Amanda or by her friend Kerri -- I had forgotten my camera.
It was a wonderful party, and we heard many heartwarming expressions of gratitude. Ben had me in tears expressing gratitude for a safe place to live after the terrible events in his early life. Logan followed that up with an expression of gratitude for pumpkin pie. So much in character, both of them. For that I am grateful.


  1. Chokes me up too. We (adults, kids, dogs, goats and chickens) all had a beautiful Thanksgiving at Colleen's as well!

  2. I very much enjoyed yesterday. We are so lucky. :)

  3. What a marvelous day you had! Please see if you can wrangle the trifle recipe/instructions from Krista--it looks divine!