Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family in Uniform

Uncle Bill Blair served in the Army Air Corps during WWII, before there was an Air Force branch of service. He flew 40 missions as co-pilot of a bomber in the South Pacific. Bill and Margaret Crehore were married in 1945. Margaret passed away in 1994 just short of their 50th wedding anniversary. Bill still lives in Pasadena in the home where they they raised their girls. He is a busy man with many hobbies and passions. He has enjoyed displaying his restored music boxes (really huge machines, not little boxes) and his restored Norden Bomb Site. Last summer he drove cross-country alone to attend a convention and spent a few days here with us. We love it when he comes to town.

Brother Ken Blair served in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War era. He had been a student at UC Berkeley when the draft lottery was initiated. His draft number was 2. To have more control over his destiny, he enlisted and remained state-side for his entire service. Ken died in 1993 and I still miss him every day.

Brother Rick served in the US Army Reserves. I believe this picture was taken in 1964, the year my twins were born. He served six months of active duty and six years as a weekend warrior. He now lives in Napa with his bride, Kathy, where they are enjoying their first year of retirement. He has two children, Hollis and Jason.
Brother Mickey (I can't call him by any other name, though most friends called him Mike after he was grown up), served in the Air Force from 1959 to 1963. He served in the Canine Corps working with German Shepherds. Dogs (and all kinds of animals) were a passion of his. His two children, Lynette and Scott, live in Nevada. Mickey died in 1989.

Hollis, Hollis, Hollis. What can I say? She always amazes me. Bright, creative, energetic and full of surprises. I haven't seen her for several years but have hope she will find her way to Missouri soon. Ben and Logan need to spend some time with her! She is currently in transition in the Air Force, planning to be a medic.

This may give you some idea why and how Hollis amazes me. I love her to pieces and she fascinates me!

Uncle Bill is full of surprises, too!

A few other family members not pictured have also served: Ben and Logan's grandfather, Steve Maples, just retired from the Army Reserves. He served many active tours in many awful places, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others.

Ben and Logan's father, Steve, served four years in the Navy.

Roger Moore, my former husband, father of my children, and grandfather to all my grandchildren, was in the Navy when we met and married. Robin was born while he was on active duty on Whidbey Island, Washington.

I don't think of ours as being a "military" family, but these folks have racked up many years of service.


  1. You really opened my eyes up to this concept of "military" family. Yes, I guess we are one!

  2. I'm pretty sure Mickey died in 1988. I was still living in Marin at the time, and, as I recall, it was right before New Years. Could I be mistaken?

  3. i'm sure you are right. I didn't have any way of checking and I just guessed!