Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday at the Farm

Former Republican house whip and current representative, Roy Blunt, holds the Millsap's foster daughter, Isabella. Blunt visited the farm this morning, traveling with 70 people from agriculture and food interests here and abroad. Curtis told them about his farm and the CSA. Isabella somehow insinuated her way into Blunt's arms -- she's good at finding someone to hold her.

Isabella's sister (I can't remember her name) wanted to gift me with this plant specimen. She is standing in front of the cherry tomatoes harvested today -- some of them by me.
Here's a tired and sweaty Logan holding a bunch of the soy beans he picked and bundled as part of his four hours of effort.

Ben and Curtis picked green beans at the end of our work shift -- I'd say Curtis is better at it than Ben.

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  1. Memories of childhood--pulling fresh edamame off the stalk and plopping into salted boiling water. Mmmm.