Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Name That Bean

These foot-long snakey looking red things were part of our CSA share this week Apparently, they are some kind of bean, although they resemble beef jerky or red licorice whips more than any bean I've ever seen. I have no idea what to do with them, how to cook them, or even what part is edible. Any body got any ideas? I tried googling red beans but didn't come up with anything like these. Email questions to our CSA farmer have not yet been answered -- I think he is teasing or testing us.

The inside of the largest one has several of these fully formed beans in a sort of cottony pod. Some of the more slender pods don't seem to have much in them, as though the pod were the point, not the insides.

Summer vacation is drawing to a close. Ben is in his third week of band camp and Logan had football camp last week. (I wish I had a picture of him in his gear, but that will have to wait until game time, I guess.) Next week is orientation, registration, and all the other pawing of the earth that occurs before classes start on August 20. Ben is officially starting High School, although he has already taken two classes in summer school, and Logan begins Junior High.

Lisa and Michael are visiting Lisa's cousin who lives locally. Although I was delighted to see them and have lunch with them today, it is a sad visit for them. The much-loved cousin's husband of 47 years died earlier this week and they will be staying for the funeral. What a loss; such a sad time for them all.


  1. Well, they look like red Chinese long beans. Perhaps they are "Red Noodles" (Google brings up seed companies with photos).

  2. Bingo! Curtis (farmer) finally responded that they are indeed, red Chinese long beans; chop them up and use them in stir fry or cook them like the long Chinese green beans with pork, garlic and red pepper flakes. We'll have them in stir fry along with red carrots, peppers, onions, squash and egg plant.