Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Nothing much going on today. And that's remarkable. I didn't have a meeting or Doctor's appointment, the kids have no scheduled activities (except football practice for Logan, but that's over now), and no one is going anywhere tonight. I think I'll have a glass of wine. With all the kid driving I do, it's hard to schedule in a glass of wine.

With nothing else to do, I did some sewing, some house keeping, and a teeny bit of cooking. I finished the 12th block of a quilt I've been working on forever, but don't expect to see a photo of the completed project for a while. There is still an intricate border and the quilting to be done before photo time.

Speaking of photos, the boys had their school pix taken this week. I love collecting them and seeing the changes year to year. I have a sense that this is the year that Logan will lose the softness in his face and gain some definition in his jaw. He has been burning beaucoup calories playing football and I think it is starting to show. Let me know if you want copies of the school photos.

With nothing else to do, Logan is outside playing basketball with next-door-neighbor, Cameron. Logan wishes he had also attended basketball camp this summer (in addition to football camp); he would like to play BB after the football season is over.

With nothing else to do, Ben is playing computer games. Church youth normally meets on Wednesdays, but not tonight for some reason that escapes me. The band has their first public performance Friday night at the high school football game.

With nothing else to do, Cinder is barking his ass off (is that possible?). I think the wine is getting to me. A votre sante!

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  1. Yes, please, send me pictures! And if they have them, I LOVE the miniature keychain pix!