Friday, May 15, 2009


On this momentous occasion I actually got a picture of the kid doing the thing I came to see. I think that's a first and certainly worthy of a certificate. Ben received a Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. So did 20% of the class. They had to have a 3.75 GPA and greater than 80th percentile scores on their state standardized tests. I don't mean to detract from Ben's achievement -- he does work hard and his teachers love him because he loves to learn, and I'm very, very proud of him.

Logan and I have been sick with the flu -- no, I don't know what kind. The kind that starts with a headache and then makes you hurt all over and run a low fever and sneeze and cough until your diaphragm is so sore you can't breathe and it makes you complain and whine and feel real sorry for yourself, but you get out of cooking dinner and order pizza. I hope Ben stays well for at least the first three days of next week because he has had perfect attendance so far this school year. I remember starting each school year determined not to miss a day, but I never achieved it. Logan has been absent five days with this current malady. I had to skip Ben's band concert last night but Steve and Julia went.

Our house was struck by lightning during a fierce storm a couple of days ago. It burned out a device that connects our satellite TV to the phone so we can order pay-per-view. My bed shook and the noise was horrendous. Ben, Logan, and the dogs slept through it. The lightning was constant and so nearby you could read by the light it created. I love these storms -- they scare me and thrill me.

By the way, if you don't know what olio means, you don't work crossword puzzles or live in Campbell where there is a new restaurant by that name.


  1. Well, olio is either a "hodgepodge" (which this entry seems to be) or oil in Italian, which knowing your love of EVO, it could also be. I vote for "hodgepodge"...Valery

  2. When preparing the bread for tonight's spaghetti dinner, I realized we were running out of the fake butter that Rachel prefers. So I had to blend a couple of different kinds. That's right. It was an oleo olio.

  3. If you had added some olive oil, it would have been olio oleo olio.