Thursday, May 21, 2009

Logan Worked Hard, Too

Logan worked hard at school this year and earned a President's Award. The criteria are the same as for Ben's grade -- 3.75 average and 80th percentile on standardized tests. Logan's school did not hold any recognition ceremonies or a graduation for the sixth graders who have completed elementary and will start Junior High next year. Ben's class did not have a graduation ceremony either for the eighth graders about to enter high school. This district downplays a lot of what I have seen as traditional at other schools. Senior Ball is in the high school gym and they have an all-night lock-in party at the school. Graduation was held in a mega-church and was also rather low-key. I like it. No limos and expensive dinners.

We're having our own celebration today -- dinner and the movies (Star Trek).
A much-deserved rest

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  1. What a great movie! I hope you and the boys enjoyed it.