Thursday, December 11, 2008


On Thanksgiving, we drew names for our family gift exchange and I drew Arlan's name. So, of course, I made him a quilt. I think he will be more likely to use this lap quilt if Bernice has one too, so I'll start hers today and I'm pretty sure I can finish it by Christmas. If not, her birthday is in January.
Christmas will be at our house, but there will be a fairly small group, nine, I think. We'll all fit around the dining room table. On New Year's weekend, we'll have another celebration when the Massachusetts contingent will be here.
It's been really cold; it didn't get above freezing yesterday. I'm quite content to stay in the house, sewing and getting ready for Christmas.


  1. So, if I count correctly, you made that beautiful quilt in less than 2 weeks? You AMAZE me!--Valery

  2. Beautiful quilt Melody! Val's right; you must have fast fingers.
    Oh and I meant to tell you that we'll be in California in Jan- Feb. Really looking forward to it.